Meet Phil Dodds

Phil signed the pledge to commit in advance to the #28thAmendment to get big money out of politics! #philwill

Phil Dodds has a new vision for Florida and this nation.  As a resident of Sunshine State for most of his life, Phil can represent the Floridians of District 3 in Washington, D.C., by listening to and consolidating perspectives to craft legislation that is fair and equitable for all citizens, regardless of political party.  

Phil is not new to politics. In the past he has run for Congress in District 3 as an Independent, because he believes that neither party has all the answers. He has chosen to run this time as a Democrat, and fight to clean up politics and help create a government that works for you.

Phil grew up in West Palm Beach in a middle class family. His high school grades and exceptional math abilities earned him a place in a gifted program. Phil credits this program with helping him develop lifelong critical thinking skills and the enduring motivation to explore learning opportunities. 

During his youth, Phil participated in various activities that helped form his sense of civic responsibility. He twice attended Space Academy in Huntsville, Alabama, spent many summers in Costa Rica volunteering, helped to build a church in Mexico, and has since shared his passion for sport coaching community soccer for youth. 

Phil and his wife Live in Alachua, Florida with their three children, and extended family nearby.  They enjoy vacationing at the attractions, parks, and natural areas of Florida.

As a software engineer and systems manager, Phil is practiced at building creative solutions and leading strong teams to solve problems through collaboration and active listening.  He attended the University of Florida where he majored in math and physics, and met his wife Diana.

Phil is currently an independent consultant focused on software solutions for the Healthcare IT industry including technical and management issues as well as development of software programs to improve healthcare systems for both patients and practitioners.

With his background in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math), Phil believes that technology can be at the forefront for solving a variety of challenges in the fields of medicine, agriculture, and government while maintaining user-friendly platforms and job security.  He also deeply understands that optimal progress requires more than just science and technology. 

Phil believes in the principals of compassion and community building to create a shared vision for a safe and prosperous future for all the citizens of our district and the nation. Over the next several months, Phil is looking forward to meeting as many voters from North Central Florida as possible.

Phil and his campaign team members are  currently on a listening tour for the district. Please contact us if you would like for your group to meet and discuss the issues!






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