Phil grew up in South Florida and went to college at the University of Florida, graduating with a degree in Mathematics and minor in Physics.


Since 1996, he and his wife have stayed in Alachua county, living in rural areas near the city of Alachua, where they are raising their three kids. 


Phil's professional career has been focused on the Healthcare IT industry building software systems for doctors.  The software he helped build helps hundreds of thousands of doctors and medical office staff everyday.

Phil is not new to politics, he ran in 2012 in an attempt to defeat 20 year Republican incumbent Cliff Stearns and to promote Ethical Government.

Phil believes in the principles of compassion and community building to create a shared vision for a safe and prosperous future for all the citizens of our district and the nation. 

Phil is a problem-solver and is always looking for a better way. 

Phil believes America at its best has been built with a can-do spirit.

There is always an answer to our biggest challenges.

The answers are not to be found in tearing down government. 

Phil believes we need good government - efficient, competent, and in the service of all.



In the fog of politics, leaders present us with false choices in order to limit true problem-solving or to justify inaction...

Only one group can win which means the other group has to lose.

We are told that we cannot both have a good economy and protect the environment.

That we cannot be true to ourselves as a country and lead the world globally. And on and on.

This is nonsense meant to divide.

We can believe that black lives matter AND support, respect and improve our criminal justice system.

We can protect ourselves from the health devastation of COVID-19 AND protect jobs, small businesses and households.

We can provide effective healthcare AND reduce the cost and financial risk to our families.

We can protect the environment AND build economic prosperity for all.

We not only can, but we must!


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