Candidate Phil Dodds’ Statement on Changes Needed to Policing: 

“It is time to change policing in America. Change is way overdue.”

Like most Americans, our campaign is deeply saddened by the unending violence and loss of life caused by a system of policing that, at this point, is in obvious need of drastic reform. We will never forget those who had their lives taken from them, and it is vitally important to honor the memory of those who we have lost: George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Tony McDade, Ahmaud Arbery, and too many more.


There is no easy way to put it: the modern system of policing in our country does not fully protect the civil and human rights of all Americans, and our government has failed both to prevent this systemic violence or to hold accountable the agencies which allow it. Our nation must commit to ending the racism that was inherent in our founding. One of the most critical components of that task is to build a judicial system that treats all Americans equally. We must commit to speaking up for Americans of color, as complacency simply allows the injustice to cement itself deeper into our society. 


After consulting with community leaders of color, and reviewing guidance from the NAACP, the ACLU, U.S. Representative Val Demings (former Chief of Police) and after reviewing the U.S. House H.R. 7120 “Justice In Policing Act 2020”,  Candidate Dodds is prepared to share his views on action for change.


Once elected, he promises to fight for the following changes: 


  • Reinstate federal oversight of state and local law enforcement by ending qualified immunity

  • Divert funding from policing to education and social work

  • End the use of barbaric holds and restraints

  • Make it easier to pursue legal action in civil court against officers who engage in misconduct

  • Create a National Police Misconduct Registry

  • Change use of force requirements from “reasonable” to “necessary”

  • Ban no-knock warrants, such as the one that killed Breonna Taylor

  • Make lynching a federal hate crime

  • Implementation of Citizens’ Review Boards in municipalities 

  • Expand and provide grants for community organizations that can hold local police departments accountable.


These proposals are just the beginning of a nationwide movement to extinguish systemic racism in the very organizations that have sworn to protect us.  Phil Dodds knows that more than anything, it is important for our representatives to listen, and he hears the cries for reform. Making these important changes will not be easy, and Phil recognizes that everyone’s voice needs to be heard. But these reforms are critical if we are to move forward as one nation. 

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